About The O.P.

Munro Melano, Ben Rodgers, Joel Woolf, Ben Braithwaite, Michael Coggins

The Overhead Project was formed in 2004 to record an album of original music.

Since then, the OP has survived interstate and international moves by several members to continue writing and performing new music.

As a band we have performed at the hippo bar in Garema Place, Canberra; ABC Canberra; and the Moruya and Merimbula Jazz Festivals.


Michael Coggins (Guitar)

Since graduating from the ANU School of Music in 2004, Michael has relocated to Sydney to continue his assault on Australia's musical sensibilities in a warmer clime.

When not in the test kitchen developing new 'ghetto recipes', Michael spends his time writing new tunes for the OP and his other band King Clovis.


Ben Braithwaite (Drums)

Ben is still in Canberra, using breaks between teaching his little angels to work on the long awaited follow up to "Pimpin' the Sav". Despite occasional lapses, Ben swears by his strict 'No-Gig Policy'.


Ben Rodgers (Bass)

Ben Rodgers has also made the move to Sydney, finally overcome by the incredible magnetism of his spiritual home, Vaucluse. Ben is fast developing a reputation as one of Sydney's leading groove players.


Munro Melano (Piano)

Since recording 'the overhead project', Munro has been concentrating his musical efforts on his hip-hop band, Casual Projects.


Joel Woolf (Sax)

Joel is currently studying at UCLA.


Stephanie Broadbridge (Vocals)

Erroneously described by some as the Yoko Ono of the Overhead Project, Steph is a sorely missed ex-member of the group. Steph is also currently resident in Sydney. She has discovered that the best way to succeed in the music industry is to spend as much time as possible in bars. It's even better if you can get paid for it.